From  Aly Sagne
To  Kevin Rudd, Barack Obama, José Manuel Barroso, Brian Mikkelsen
   Subject  Take action - or I will

  Barack Obama, President of the United States
  Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia
  José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission 

  CC: Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Minister of Justice

  Faced with the unique opportunity to stop climate change in Copenhagen, world
  leaders offered instead an historic failure.  In sharp contrast, we and the
  world's environment, hunger, and justice groups are mobilizing the largest
  movement civil society has ever witnessed, to demand a fair, ambitious, legally
  binding climate treaty.

  I stand in solidarity with those who have taken non-violent direct action or
  committed peaceful acts of civil disobedience to demand climate justice. That
  includes the four Greenpeace activists who were detained without trial in
  Denmark for holding up banners at a head of state dinner. I have contributed to
  their action by supporting Greenpeace -- financially, morally, or in my day to
  day life.  If the response of governments to the threat of climate change is
  going to be preventive detention of those likely to support or commit acts of
  civil disobedience, count me among the 15 million people you may need to round

  I urge you to recognise that civil disobedience to demand action against so
  grave a threat is an act of community service.

  Yours faithfully,