A report on the human rights record of Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine urges mining companies to consider competitive advantage and profitability go hand in hand with a strong internal human rights culture.

Author: Dorothy Kosich
Posted:  Tuesday , 18 May 2010


An independent human rights assessment report for Goldcorp’s controversial Marlin mine in Guatemala  raised concerns that even the process of determining whether a mining operation could be violating human rights may escalate tensions and increase polarization among communities and special interest groups.

The Marlin Mine has been controversial since its inception in 2004, and is the target of continuing claims of human rights abuse, including isolated episodes of violence.

On Common Ground Consultants have published an 18-month assessment of how the Marlin Mine’s presence and operations have affected human rights, and whether Goldcorp’s policies, procedures and practices comply with international human rights standards.

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