President Donald Kaberuka

15 Avenue du Ghana
P.O. Box 323-1002
Tunis-Belvedère, Tunisia

July 30, 2010

Dear President Kaberuka,

The undersigned groups welcome indications that the African Development Bank intends to examine its 2005 Disclosure Policy and bring it up to international standards.  As you begin this effort, we would like to encourage the Bank to conduct a consultation process to gather information and receive suggestions.

Other banks that have recently modified their transparency policies have set a good example on consulting with interested parties, including the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. Consultations will allow your institution to enrich the development of a new information policy and add credibility to the final product.

There are many hallmarks of a good consultation process, including the release of draft policies and creation of a system to receive input from the public. Other banks have announced their plans for consultations at an early stage in the process, laying out a specific schedule. The AfDB may have an ambitious target for completing its review and we urge you to set aside adequate time to allow for outside feedback.

We recommend that you solicit ideas for a new policy both in writing and in public consultation meetings. Also, if the bank has conducted reviews of the existing policy, they should be disclosed.  The best advice will come when the public can review specific draft policy on which to comment. It is very important that the final draft be released in advance of Board consideration.

GTI and other partners following your disclosure policy review would be pleased to consult with you on devising a good consultation process and look forward to participating in the process of reforming the Bank’s disclosure policy.

Sincerely yours,

Toby McIntosh


For the Global Transparency Initiative:

[GTI Members:  Idasa, an African Democracy Institute, South Africa; Bank Information Center, USA;  Article XIX, London;  Access to Information Network, Philippines; Centro de Derechos Humanos y Ambiente, Argentina; Freedominfo, USA;  Centre for Law and Democracy, Canada; Fundar, Center for Analysis and Research, Mexico; CEE BankWatch Network,  Slovakia]

AfDB Civil Society Forum Steering Committee Members:

Maurice Ouma Odhiambo

Programmes Officer at Ujamaa Center, Kenya

Aly Sagne

Président de Lumière Synergie pour le Développement, Senegal

Mamadou Goita

Directeur Exécutif  IRPAD/Afrique, Mali

Collins Magalasi

Executive Director, AFRODAD